SmartMove Customer Connect – 02 5776 1668

SmartMove have developed a system to allow drivers to connect to passengers using their own mobile phones. The passenger will see the number 02 6771 1455 when a driver tries to call them – this ensures privacy for both the driver and the passenger as neither party can see each other’s phone number. When a call is placed by a driver, both parties will hear a recording. Once this recording has ended, please identify yourself e.g “Hi this is Mark from Armidale Taxis”. It’s important to know, you may end up connecting to a passenger’s voicemail without realising they have not answered the phone. If there is no response from a passenger after you hear the recording and identify yourself, please end the call – anything you say will end up being sent to the passenger as a voicemail.

All calls made via this system are recorded and emailed to the base. Please ensure you are courteous to passengers at all times. Anyone who is found to be in breach of this will be permanently barred from the system and referred to the D.C.

02 5776 1668

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