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No stopping at signs and yellow lines
Armidale Regional Council is changing the way No Stopping zones are displayed and motorists need to be vigilant of both No Stopping signs and the new yellow lines along road edges.

Continuous yellow lines are being progressively introduced to designate No Stopping zones throughout the region, as signs need to be replaced.

“During the changeover period, motorists need to be watchful for either the No Stopping signs or the new continuous, or unbroken, yellow lines, or they risk receiving a substantial fine,” Armidale Regional Council Mayor Simon Murray said.

“A No Stopping sign or yellow line along the edge of the road means drivers must not stop their vehicle in the designated area at any time – not for a minute, not for a second, not for a jiffy.”

No Stopping signs or continuous yellow lines are installed in areas where clear sight is required for safety reasons, such as intersections and the approaches and departures to crossings.

Parking on areas identified by either No Stopping signs or continuous yellow lines is an offence and will result in a $268 fine if you are caught. If it is a School Zone, the penalty is a $344 fine and two demerit points.

Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) has allowed the use of yellow lines along road edges to designate no stopping zones since 2012. Councils throughout NSW are opting for the yellow lines to help reduce the number of signs and clutter in streets.

“The zones and the switch to the yellow lines are both to improve safety on and around our roads,” Cr Murray said.

“Please be aware of where you park. Look around check the signs.

“Restrictions will occasionally change to suit the ever changing surroundings and, while we will continue to try to keep the public informed, that information doesn’t always reach everyone.”

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